Taryn Tuesday



The liberation of the dance music industry

AGNT is a Canada-based startup who came to us with an idea to change the way musicians and event organizers worked together. 


My role

I was the sole and lead designer on this 5 month project in which I worked on UX and visual design for the iOS application and a responsive website. I prototyped with After Effects to specify transitions, mobile-specific interaction patterns, and a few animated icons to use in empty states.

The problem

Picture this: the artist walks aimlessly in a dark club looking for the promoter at the end of the night, hoping that promoter has the money available for them. And for the promoter: a last minute cancellation leaves them in a tight bind with the event scheduled for that night, hoping they can find someone different in time for the slot.

There are so many missed opportunities; so much left up to chance. We worked with AGNT to solve these problems by offering all the benefits of going through a booking agent, accessible in your back pocket.

To add to that, it's common for DJs and organizers to share/transfer roles interchangeably, so we accounted for that in this product by allowing users to create both an artist and organizer account.


The primary differences of the organizer and artist accounts are the information they see on their feed (artists vs. event discovery), and their profiles, which contain different types of information collected during onboarding.

Artist primary app view

Organizer primary app view

Switching profiles

From anywhere in the app, the user is able to see what account they're in by the profile icon displayed in the bottom navigation. From within profile, the user can see a clear CTA to switch accounts. A long press on the icon in the bottom nav acts as an additional affordance for our more tech-savvy users to switch profiles.

A functional UI built for a dark club

When considering the interface design, we took special consideration to the nocturnal lifestyles of our users. We wanted the UI to be functional in the dark, and used our bright primary teal blue to light up actionable items and selected states.

dark UI mockup.png

Onboarding for progressive profiling

We wanted to get the user into the app as quickly as possible, while also collecting important information upfront to build the user’s profiles. By collecting information, such as the genres and party types a user was interested in, we were able to display relevant content in their discovery feeds. Artists would be more likely to get booked if they had a complete profile, so we wanted to motivate them towards that goal through onboarding and, later, from the presentation of the profile.

A few important screens from the artist onboarding flow.

A few important screens from the artist onboarding flow.

From my research, I learned that users are more likely to complete their profiles when shown a higher completion percentage. To ensure the user felt motivated by an attainable completion, we assigned profiles a strength rating that would never display under 60% for organizers and 70% for artists.

Artist profile examples after onboarding, and an even higher strength rating once more information is added.

Artist profile examples after onboarding, and an even higher strength rating once more information is added.

Creating an event

Booking an artist

Landing Page

The responsive web portal site is an important piece of the product, as it is how users are able to upload music to their artist profiles. This was also an important component in allowing all users to join AGNT, even if they did not have an iPhone. 


On October 20th, the app was released for beta testing. On June 15th, we officially launched to the App Store to a crowd of excited users. 60 days after app release, we were averaging 25-30 bookings per week, with festivals also booking artists through the app.



I am extremely excited about the launch of AGNT. I believe this groundbreaking product will greatly impact the process of discovery, booking, and payment in the dance music industry. We came a long way from where we started–with only a logo and an idea–to a complete end-to-end mobile and web experience.

I look forward to seeing what’s next for AGNT as they continue to build on the foundation that we established. Keep your ears open.