AGNT is a Canada-based startup working to change the way musicians and event organizers do business together. Their two-sided marketplace offers users the ability to discover, connect, and settle payments through the app.


The problem

The environmental conditions in which artists and organizers work can make business difficult to navigate. Imagine trying to conduct your own business professionally in a dark and loud space. Additionally, artists and organizers must rely upon each other and build a trusting relationship through communication, organization, punctuality, and timely transactions.

The biggest challenge in designing for this two-sided marketplace is that DJs and organizers each have unique needs and distinctly different jobs, yet can share both roles. One week they're performing at an event and the following they’re acting as the organizer. It was important that the UX framework solve for this common scenario.

Switching between profiles

The profile icon in the bottom right navigation bar is a north star for users who have both artist and organizer profile types. Placement here offers the user a constant understanding of the experience they’re in while also allowing quick access to switch accounts through a long press. Additionally, they can switch profiles by tapping into their profile view.

A functional UI built for a dark club

When considering the UI design, the environmental conditions and nocturnal lifestyles of our users was front-of-mind. I chose to utilize a dark UI so that it would blend in with the club environment making it more functional in the dark. The brand’s bright primary teal lights up any actionable items and selected states.

dark UI mockup.png

Onboarding for progressive profiling

The transactional nature of this product meant that it would be important to build trust among users and give enough information to organizers to convince them to book artists. I wanted to be careful not to bombard artists with too hefty of an onboarding process, but instead request only the most important and necessary information during signup.


It's well documented through UX research that users are more likely to complete their profiles when shown a higher completion percentage. To ensure the user felt motivated by an attainable completion, I assigned profiles a strength rating that would never display under 60% for organizers and 70% for artists. With each step they complete, users are rewarded with an improved profile strength rating.


Creating an event

Organizers can quickly and easily create events and choose how many time slots, or how many artists, they have need for.


Booking an artist

Organizers can browse artists, check their availability, and request to book them for their events.


Responsive website

Building a responsive website that allows all the same functionality of the app experience and more ensures that all users, not only those on iPhones, would be able to experience AGNT.



The product had over 20k users sign up for the beta launch. 60 days after product launch, the platform was averaging 30 bookings per week, including bookings for larger festivals. Today, the platform is rated highly on the App Store at 4.9 stars.


Sole and lead designer


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