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The following project was completed as a sales pitch to GUESS and is presented as a story about a fictional experience using the product. The goal was to experiment with new ideas to enhance their connection between digital and physical touch points.


My role—
Sole and lead designer

The team—
Sales Manager
Creative Director

Sales pitch

meet jane

Meet Jane

Jane was invited to an important work event. Before she knows it, the event is tomorrow and she still hasn’t picked out an outfit. She needs to find an outfit today, but still work around her busy schedule. Jane opens the GUESS app and starts to explore items on the 'shop' feed.


Mobile Experience

The minimalistic interface allows Jane to take in the characteristics of the clothing without visual distraction. She chooses the 'Night Out' shopping list and begins to browse. She finds a dress she likes so she taps on the grey circles to quickly filter for similar items. This feature automatically applies filters based on the characteristics of the dress to show her more she might like. Now Jane can see that two filters have been applied and she’s viewing all the black dresses between $40 to $80.

Since she's willing to spend a little more for the right dress, she taps to delete the price filter and continues to browse. Jane sees a couple dresses that might work.

guess_press screens.png

Jane can tap and hold the card for each item, which allows her three options to choose from: add to my bag; in-store pick up; and in-store try on. She adds a couple items to in-store try on so she can make a final call between them in person.

Smart notifications

As she nears the store she receives a notification that her items are ready and waiting in a fitting room.

guess_2 screens@2x.png

In-store Experience

Once Jane arrives, the store associate shows her to her reserved fitting room and gives her a quick tour of the room updates: a spacious room with a stage for virtual in-room styling, lighting control, and a touch screen to call for assistance and checkout.

The in-room styling booth has special sensors behind the mirror that will detect characteristics of the outfit and use data from past purchases to recommend other suggested items and accessories. Jane chooses her dress and accessories, finishes checking out in-room, and leaves the store.


 A quick comp to show what the new layout of the fitting room might look like, and how the customer would interact with it.

A quick comp to show what the new layout of the fitting room might look like, and how the customer would interact with it.